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Prospect & Customers are the lifeblood of your business

Increase sales productivity by cutting out the admin! Empower your Sales team with HubSpot's Sales Hub supported by Secret Source? We work with Sales & Marketing Directors, Commercial Leaders and DevOps Specialists to help make the Sales process an effective one. With playbooks, methodologies and 20 years' experience of running global sales and marketing operations ourselves makes us your ideal partner.

Forget funnel, think flywheel!

Sales Professionals using the flywheel approach are seeing better return on investment. HubSpot Sales Hub not only helps to put your customers at the center, but your sales teams can focus on adding value, no longer bogged down or distracted with sales admin.

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Align Your Sales

Hungry Sales Professionals are competitive by nature, therefore anything that can give them the edge is welcomed. With the power of HubSpot Sales Hub it gives competitive sales people;

  • Clarity
  • Productivity
  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Proactivity
  • All in one system!

What Sales Professional Actually Need

We like you, we hate sales admin! HubSpot Sales Hub, supported by Secret Source has been designed to help Sales People sell!

Engage your leads more quickly – See who is on your website in real time and what they are most interested in. Automate personalised emails and instantly see when your audience opens an email, re-visits your website or downloads an attachment.

Prioritise deals that are more likely to convert – Use lead scoring that ranks deals based on behaviour. Connect with prospects in real time when they are on your site with live chat and publish your availability so prospects can book time with you.

Close more deals, more quickly - Use the knowledge base to call off pre-prepared information to use in your proposal that you can generate and share with a few clicks. Collect eSignatures and payments seamlessly, significantly speeding up the entire process.

Sales Automation
Rapid deployment tools give your sales team more time in their day; less administration and more consistency and control in the sales process. Give your sales executives the tools to engage with prospects at the right time and close more deals.

Create a sequence of automated follow up emails to prospects, rather than setting reminders and writing emails from scratch. Everyone has a consistent, repeatable process for nurturing leads.

Turn repetitive emails into templates that sales executives can call off and use. Share the best ones and track their performance in real time.

Get instant notifications when a lead has opened an email, clicked a link or opened an attachment. Follow the pattern of behaviour over days so can monitor how interested your leads are in your content.

Enable prospects to quickly and easily book meetings into your sales team’s diaries having viewed their availability.

See who is visiting your site and when, what pages they visit and how often they come back. Set up notifications so sales execs can respond instantly.

Use chat tools to engage with your audience in real time. Build new chat bots for dedicated tasks, nurturing prospects through their decision-making process.

Create and send quotes, collect electronic signatures and even set up the payments process connected with your finance system.

Store sales collateral, case studies, whitepapers and reports in one place for your sales team to access and include in the correspondence with clients.

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If you’re using a system and it is not HubSpot,

then let us demonstrate what you’re missing out on!

Sales Hub

Marketing Hub

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Reasons why Sales & Marketing Leaders partner with Secret Source to help them with HubSpot Sales Hub

  • We’re HubSpot Sales Hub Certified
  • Referral’s other Sales Leaders & Business Owners
  • Our Understanding of Sales - Over 20+yrs working client-side with Sales Leaders
  • Integration Specialists


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